A simple, effective system of deep tissue massage for every body.

You have layers. They need love. We started with an idea. Make a simple, effective form of deep tissue massage accessible to everyone. Our guided mobile app and specialized kit work together to get you rolling — and keep you going.

This is Wellround

The Kit

From your top to your toes, our kit can safely and effectively release every tight and tender spot in your body.

The App

Class-like guidance in the palm of your hand means massage where and how you need it, when you need it, every time.


Pain relief
Increased mobility
Better sleep
Sports conditioning
Injury prevention
Body awareness
Muscle recovery
Stress reduction

Why we roll

Self-empowered wellness in mind, body, and spirit.

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The Kit


The natural rubber of the balls in our kit makes them the perfect texture and density for safe and effective deep tissue massage — unlike tennis, lacrosse and golf balls.


One kit, six multitasking tools. We include four balls in two sizes with their pairing totes to allow for massage of your every part — from the largest to the tiniest, and at every depth and pressure. So long, foam roller.


Whether you’re heading to the gym, office, mountains or Mexico, you’ll want to bring Wellround with you. Unlike a foam roller, Wellround is scalable and portable. If space is tight, pop a single small ball in your pack or pocket. Otherwise, toss the whole kit into your bag.


We love getting massages, but who could afford to get one every day? With Wellround, you can give yourself all the massages — anytime and anywhere — for less than the price of a single traditional session.

The App

Over 150 techniques

Access our extensive and ever-growing library of instructional videos with full audio. Using four different pressures and depths, our easy-to-follow and easy-to-do self-massage techniques will help you mobilize and release ache, pain and every tight spot.

Class-like guidance

Created by wellness and fitness experts, our step-by-step audio and video guidance is clear, effective and customizable.

Choose a region

Tight shoulders? Achy back? We got you. Choose a region to release the area that needs it most, using the pressures and techniques that work best for you.

Your body, your lifestyle

We have lifestyle, need and goal-based sequences for everything from stress and sleeplessness to sports conditioning and recovery. Roll in your own time, at your own place — at home or on-the-go. Take breaks, skip techniques or finish it tomorrow. It’s all up to you.

What professionals are saying about Wellround

Dr. Michael
Physical Therapist

“Giving people tools to help them build their daily lives and put them back together is very important. With Wellround guiding people, they can know what myofascial release techniques they need to do and how to do them.”

Dr. Joe

“Myofascial release has been life changing because it’s shifted my mood, helped me sleep better and literally it's transformed the way that I work with my chronic pain. I also appreciate Wellround because it adds to my yoga practice, my Crossfit work and all the physical activities that I do.”

Personal Trainer

“When I teach my classes, people love the benefits. I am excited about Wellround because it allows people to take massage home and have it right in front of them. When they go, “My back is hurting.” or “My knee is hurting.”, they can release it with Wellround”

Pilates & Yoga Instructor

“It’s important for my clients to be able to continue their own healing processes, especially, between sessions. Wellround is a tool that you can resort back to again and again. The app guides you through how to properly use the kit to give your body the myofascial release that it needs, without having to remember everything.”

Read the reviews

Major game changer for my body
Working with Betsy has been a major game changer for my body in so many ways. Simply put, Wellround was the missing link in my self-care regimen. Not only has it brought me relief from chronic pain, I have experienced an increase in my performance and just feel better in my body all around. So thankful for Betsy and the Wellround team! I couldn’t recommend them more!
Kaisa Keranen
Take wellnesss into your own hands
Wellround has given me relief when I've needed it every single time! It’s my go to now when I feel a familiar ache in my mid back or a kink in my neck or I have the feeling that everything is too tense and I need to stretch and unwind. Instead of asking my husband to "crack my back" I just use these instead. It's nice that I can control and adjust it as I go. I have a feeling of rest and calm in my body after using them. I love that you really are able to take wellness into your own hands.
Molly Matlock
My injuries no longer give me grief
Working with Betsy and the Wellround products has been life-changing. Because of Wellround I’ve been able to incorporate myofascial release into my life daily. I literally travel with the small balls in my bag! I was suffering from chronic injury and inflammation in left shoulder and had scar tissue in my right hip from surgery. Since I started rolling, my body feels lighter, less stuck and my injuries no longer give me grief. I cannot thank Betsy enough for explaining mysofascial release in such an intelligent yet accessible way. I’m forever grateful
Claire Gould
An essential in my self care toolbox
The Wellround MFR method is simple and intuitive. It lets you truly get curious as you roll and become the expert of YOUR own body. Because of Wellround, I feel empowered for the first time to heal some long term injuries and holding patterns. Wellround is now an essential in my self care toolbox.
Cindy Zou
No copays, no side effects
As an athlete with chronic back pain, Wellround is a game changer. Instead of relying on meds or massages, I can just pop these bad boys out and I’m feeling better in no time; no copays, no side effects.
Mia Strauss
Such a great tool to hit those pressure points
I have been using Wellround over a little over a week and the results have been great. Such a great tool to hit those pressure points and you can’t reach with a traditional foam roller.
Amanda Lopez
Fitness professional

Questions from our community

Do I need any other equipment to use Wellround?

You will need about 4 feet of open wall space and a yoga or exercise mat. A block is helpful for many techniques as well.

Are the Wellround balls motorized?

No. Wellround balls are naturally powered, harnessing the forces of gravity and you.

How is Wellround different from foam rollers?

Wellround balls are the ideal size, texture and density for the most effective and versatile deep tissue massage for everybody and every body part. Foam rolling is better than nothing, but they have their limitations. Foam rollers can only address large areas of the body with broad, general and a single body-weight-dependent pressure. They also don’t fit so well in a crossbody or backpack. Wellround compresses, stretches, and decompresses tissues from the biggest and broadest to the tiniest trigger points creating a deeper, better release. Wellround is designed for use on the floor as well as against the wall or with your own hands, allowing you to choose the postures and pressures that work best for you. Versatility and customization are key. We include four balls in two different sizes with their pairing totes to allow for massage of your every part — from the largest to the tiniest, and at every depth and pressure.

How is Wellround different from lacrosse or tennis balls?

The balls in Wellround kits are the ideal balance of soft and firm, designed to safely provide maximum benefits for your tissues and joints. These self-massage tools are grippy-pliable-optimally dense rubber, perfectly pushing through layers of skin and muscle to massage deeply into your tight spots and provide targeted trigger point release. They also have enough give to avoid triggering fear and further contraction and damaging bony prominences and nerves. The balls’ grippy texture also creates optimal shear against skin to clear superficial fascial adhesions and awaken nerve endings that benefit your nervous system. Tennis balls are too hard, then squish flat, missing the ideal mid-point of firm yet soft. Under friction, they rug burn skin and slip on clothing. Tennis balls are too large for trigger point release and too small for broad pressure techniques. Two tennis balls in a sock or taped together present the same obstacles as a single tennis balls detailed above. Lacrosse balls are too hard, which signals our bodies’ defense mechanisms, causing us to contract and tighten up instead of relaxing and releasing. They are also dangerous and can harm bony prominences and damage nerves. Because of their hardness, most Wellround techniques are not tolerable or safe to do with a lacrosse ball. They also lack versatility.

Is the Wellround system hard to use?

Nope! We made it for everyone. Our techniques are easy to understand and do, and we provide lots of options so you can choose what works and skip the rest. Whether you’re 14 or 74, into fitness or not so much, love technology or loath it, we got you.

How long do the balls last?

Like your favorite pair of jeans, it depends on how often and how hard you use them. Most folks who use Wellround for about two hours a week will need to replace their balls in 1-1.5 years.

How much does the Wellround Kit and app cost?

The kit is $49.95. The app is $19.95 (one time purchase, not monthly recurring). We specifically priced our combined kit and app so you can give yourself all the massages — anytime and anywhere — for less than the price of a single traditional session.

Get started

Step 1

Order the kit

We include our four specialized balls in two sizes with their pairing totes. Order your kit to start safely and effectively massaging tension away in every tight and tender spot.

Step 2

Get the app

Start with our most popular areas and lifestyle sequences for free, then keep going with our extensive library of premium content. Class-like guidance in the palm of your hand means a great massage where and how you need it, when you need it, every time. Download the app to get started.

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